The gaming world is full of type of games, which is called "impossible" or something like that. This is an category, where every game is super hard or needing excellent memory and fast reaction skills. Some of them are super fabulous and topic of discussion, even they are just a flash-games. Why? because they have a terrific difficulty level and complications and so many people around the world is addicted to them because they are just losing and losing again and brain is required to gain the victory and they playing that game until being a mad or something.

Flappy wings 2 is the most extraordinary game about its genre and are the top of this games list since the release day, because it's an extremely difficult and challenging, even an army pilots have addiction for that game and reason for this is that, Flappy wings 2 is a tough opponent for their clever brains too. There is not any Hard-textured modifications, but it's not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

The impossible quiz 2

The impossible quiz 2

Strike force heroes 3

trike force heroes 3

About game

Flappy wings 2 was designed by Dong Nguyen, who is famous game developer and so many people are respecting his work, because every piece of his games are super cool and awesome. But after he created and released this neat game, first time, all gamer fall in love with it and adored that nicety. Market sales was incredible high and developer's income reach the record measures, but after a little time, everyone lost mind, because they was not able to beat the game and started arguing about how it is impossible to beat Flappy wings 2 engine and get a high score.

Some fans actually wrote a critical post on his facebook walls and twitter profile. Reason of that is funny, because Dong doesn't make a new bad storyline or some game with bugs, but he makes an almost unwinnable game with fewer details. Even that, there is a still plenty components and aspects, which you have to understand and calculate the right way to play with it. In fact, Dong Nguyen has face so many bad response for his innovation game and he decided to remove it from the market and mobile application magazines. But, there is a new flash-based version of this game and you can play it, but be patient and don't brake your controller, in that way, your playing time will be more hard. good luck!

Gameplay and Graphics

So many gamer plays games just for their amazing graphics and textures and also a lot of them playing games, which's have some interesting storrylines or incredible gameplays and it's an only plus for this games, but people still adore it and then there is a game, without a fascinating storyline or plot twist scenarios and without shocking graphic textures.

There is a cartoon style decoration and old fashioned colors with childish illustrative, but it's still the best game with its genres and even a gameplay isn't a reason for this, because it's so simply and trouble-free for learning. Sounds are few, but enough for this gameplay, like flying voices and crushing peep with most annoying volume. There is a one pure yellow bird with big eyes and lips, who needs to cross the green pipes barier without touching them, because touch green part are breaking his wings and then round is over.

For earn points, you need to go in the middle of the green pipes and go as long distance as you can, but it's so hard. Every round is another chance to go further and further, but one wrong click and your bird is down. For acceleration and go higher, you need to click space, bird are automatically descending.