If you like flash-games, which is simple but hard, where you can relax and exercise your brain at the same time. I have two good news for you. The first good news is, There is a whole new version of our century's best annoying game Crappy bird. And the second good news - of course, this new modern version is fully advanced version, and has more hard and compact gameplay, but meanwhile it is so funny and joyable. When you play this game once, you'll be addicted to try again and again to go further and further with your yellow bird.

When developers of the game created the game engine first, so many players get mentally dependent on that bird and were unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects. So author decided to delete it on the apple app market and now, he is back with new advanced version and gives you the chance to play this amazing game without bags and any interception. Because this game is totally crazy but everyone definitely love it and gamers all over the world are waiting for this time to play Crappy bird again, so you can enjoy with them on our site.

The controls in this game are so easy, you just have to click background with the mouse and that gives your bird a power to go up.

Main idea of the Game

This game has the most underrated and simplest storyline of all time and it is for any age and gender. The reason of that is this little bird, who can't stop flying forward and your mission is to help him to fly and going through a green pipelines and get a safety place. But, it is harder than it seems at first glance. Well, this game is about your speed skills and you also have to think fast to avoid collision with green pipelines and go through without breaking your bird's wings.

Also, you have to get higher scores every round, in other way, the game will be harder for your brain and its stimulates you play more and more. For that, this game was used to train army jet pilots and that was hard for them too, but of course every one of them pass this test and get a really high point, so you can test yourself among best soldiers and get to know what you can with your cleverness.

The developer adds a new feature in this version and here you can play against your friends and other players all over the world, but for that, you have to get high score first and submit it on the world leader board, in other words, if you get enough points to challenge others, your game will be more interesting and you'll be a hard opponent to every gamer in the world.


First Crappy bird version gameplay, which is released and deleted on app market, was little easier than this. there is a whole new engine and entire new set of motions, also developer adds some tricks to make your play harder. For the example, there is a new invisible walls on the bottom and top, so you don't have to play and fly directly in the middle of the map, but your flying diapason is a little bit restricted and you can't fly close to the edges anymore. Also, if you fly hard and go enough distance to get actually high points, you will be able to create your own table score and challenge your friends and other good players of course.

As a new and improved version suited, this Crappy bird has whole new advanced graphics and voices, like there is a new music and your bird's visual is updated. So, play and enjoy this more realistic version. Good luck.