Welcome to the site, where you can play the most annoying and extremely hard game, which is really simple to beat, but you need good nerves and to be relaxed to complete this competition. I want to introduce you the new and in my opinion, the best version of the flappy games. It is the most famous game in the world right now, and has millions of fans. The game is Flappy wings, the freshly released and advanced version of the flappy games. It has many new features and modern graphics to make you feel great.

Flappy wings have already broke the selling records in every app market and that was only the mobile app. Now, you can play this extraordinary and awesome game here for free, because the developers of this game have created a new browser version for the flash game lovers, that is really cool. There are new graphics, more capable gameplay and sound effects. Also, the creators have added new plot twists to make this game more realistic and enjoyable. So, try the game and it will definitely amaze you.

The impossible quiz 2

The impossible quiz 2

Snail Bob 5

Snail Bob 5

Strike force heroes 3

trike force heroes 3

The controls of the game are easy to adapt, because your bird is moving automatically and you just need to click the mouse to get higher.

The main idea of the game

This is the game, which has the most annoying and interesting scenario at the same time. The reason of that is simple. Here you have the easiest mission to accomplish, you just need to go through the green pipes with your bird, who is travelling to get home. But, it requires from you to be really patient and think fast. The green pipes are moving to crash you, also there are some awesome achievements after a few pipes, so you need to fly carefully and get them. Also, your bird has emotions and your main mission is to make it happy and safe, because if you don't, your game will be harder.


Flappy wings is a really fun and cool game, because the developers of this browser version have created a whole different world for this version and that is a really awesome. The main difference between this game and other flappy bird games is that, here your bird is more emotional and it can even poop. Yes, also here you can hear his scream, while you are getting through a really hard parts of the map.

The graphics of the game is advanced too, and every background detail is beautiful, also bird looks more realistic. But, the main new detail in this version is the modern game engine, which has more incredibly hard missions for you than the other games.


This is the game, which will definitely make you crazy with its ridiculous gameplay and hardest missions. It's like an impossible games, but here your main mission is so simple and funny. You need to cross the green pipes without touching them. But, it's not as easy as it seems at the first glance, because the game engine is really aggressive and the pipes moving are so intense.

You need to go throw infinity amount of green pipes and also, their moving are getting more and more fast after every point. Your bird has good ability to fly high and low too, but after a few green pipes, emotions of bird are getting more happy and you get the ability to fly more comfortable and control the bird more easily. It is not easy to win this game, but after every fly, you will be addicted to this game, and that really helps you to get more and more points in every next round.